Program: University Pitch Madness 2023


A sustainable college apparel rental service


Managing all subscriptions can get out of hand. We propose a FinTech service giving customers more power to manage their subscriptions – consolidated payments, dashboard containing all the info you need, and the option of upgrading to cancel any subscription at will.


Accessible platform encourage entrepreneurship in college students by connecting those passionate about the same idea

C+ Coffee Company

Subscription coffee service for students that offers 10- and 14-packs of single-serving flavored cold brew pods, delivered directly to dorm mail rooms. Just drop a pod into a C+ Coffee Travel mug before bed and wake up to delicious, flavored cold brew you can bring to class.

Big Easy Daiquiris

A drive-through daiquiri store with alcoholic and non-alcoholic options.

Cart to Class

Golf carts to class acting as Ubers for students

Samatva. AI

We are a Diversity HR & Recruitment Platform where we’ve developed Innovations for the Differently-Abled that enables Cost – Effective, Smart, Feasible and Easy Diversity HR & Recruitment Process for Multinational companies.


Coeus is a revolutionary platform that gives high school students the unique opportunity to get college applications and essays edited by those in their dream schools for an afforable price. Soon, Coeus will expand the crowd sourcing idea to the whole education and job industry.


Pool is a mobile app that reinvents the online dating experience by allowing single users to include their friends in the process of finding quality matches.


OvuMap is revolutionizing reproductive healthcare with a minimally invasive continuous hormone monitor that unlocks critical menstrual cycle insights, including but not limited to predicting ovulation and identifying potential infertility causes, and connects to an easy-to-use mobile app that allows individuals to make informed decisions about their health and lives.

Find It

Aesthetically designed QR code stickers that allow the finder of a lost item to report its location and a description of its position to our customer.

Paws Crossed for a Match

Paws Crossed is an app for rescues across the nation to match with animals from other shelters in order to relocate shelter animals across state lines and reduce the number of needless shelter euthanizations.

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