Program: SVC Spring 2023


Mend is a platform that supports the circular fashion economy by connecting individuals with clothing repair & redesign needs to local creatives and seamstresses.


SideQuest is an equal playground for high-skill players, upping the stakes through betting and cultivate a tight-knit community


Pool is a mobile app that reinvents the online dating experience by allowing single users to include their friends in the process of finding quality matches.


OvuMap is revolutionizing reproductive healthcare with a minimally invasive continuous hormone monitor that unlocks critical menstrual cycle insights, including but not limited to predicting ovulation and identifying potential infertility causes, and connects to an easy-to-use mobile app that allows individuals to make informed decisions about their health and lives.

Flexure Medical

Artificial Discs have been making innovations to better be able to match the biomechanics of the natural discs they are replacing. Making one out of a compliant metal device instead of a viscoelastic polymer could be the next leap of innovation.

Tutors for Us

By Black students, for Black Students, our business designs educational programs and curriculums for predominately Black public schools. These curriculums work hand-in-hand with our supplementary private tutoring services.


Konekt is a professional networking application tailored toward the incoming generation of workers by adding modern social media functions and a more compelling stream of work-related content to business networking.

Call Me Today

Connecting migrants and international students with their native speaking counselors for providing effective counseling

Light Dessert

We offer a range of freshly made desserts containing less sugar yet still delicious.


SportEdge is a mobile app that aims to revolutionize recruiting for collegiate sports and become the one-stop shop for student athletes.


New type of IUD that is shaped better to reduce risk of uterine ruptures with the potential to add customizable options since not every uterus is the same and is biodegradable to remove the need for a second invasive procedure.

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