Program: SVC Fall 2022


ChiChi is a healthy and delicious chickpea based breakfast company.

Finland Day Care Center

We want to establish Finland education-based Day Care. Children will learn to speak different languages and cultures.


Missed Connections Dating App

Capsule Corps.

To address needs for safe gut microbiota transplants, I propose a device that encapsulates the transplant. It is safe to swallow, easy to remove, withstands motor pressures within the gut, and provides mechanisms for transplant within to thrive and compete with local infections.

Tequila Sol

Socially conscious naturally infused tequila line with Mexican inspired flavors, sourced from local growers in Mexico.


Foodie is a social media platform that lets couples/groups decide where to eat quickly using a simple tinder-esque interface.

Our Future Reads

Our Future Reads is here to make sure those without readily available access to books get an opportunity to read whatever piques their curiosity.

The Perfect Trip

A product (app, website) that generates personalized recommendations and then an optimal travel itinerary based on user input.

Papertrail App

Papertrail helps enthusiasts keep important records of cars, motorcycles, boats, etc safer and more accessible than ever.

Centa Solutions

Centa is SaaS platform and a service suite offering “Office of Advancement and Alumni Relation” solutions to African universities and colleges.

ForUs Blue

Provide an app or platform to aid BIPOC patients/clients with connecting to BIPOC mental health clinicians, for a more relatable mental health experience.

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