Program: Olin’s Big IdeaBounce® (OBIB) 2022


LoupeX: A mixed-reality surgical headset integrating adaptive zoom, real-time vitals display, and 3D visualization from various feeds. Enhancing precision, decluttering ORs, and elevating the surgeon’s focus. The future of surgical tech in one immersive experience.

Sobriety Hub

Sobriety Hub is an operations management software for sober living homes.


College students have the paradoxical relationship of having too much of things they don’t use often and not enough of things they need.


Snooter is the mobile app re-imagining the way pet adoptions happen, facilitating forever-home matches between future pet parents and pets while supporting local shelters and their communities at the same time.

Cart to Class

Golf carts to class acting as Ubers for students


Condwears is a sex-positive, eco-friendly graphic apparel brand focusing on sex education and self-expression while creating quality, sustainable textiles. We are a sustainable streetwear label with a cause. We want to make taboo subjects fun, accessible and approachable.


Magnifi uses AI to show employers the nontraditional job seekers they miss in their typical hire searches

“SlipFast Charger”, created by LightWave

A USB-C PD standard charger for laptops, tablets and phones that provide a much more convenient travel experience for consumers, through our originally-manufactured charger that is no thicker than a modern smartphone.


Keep athletes hands warm during outdoor games in the winter

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