Program: Olin’s Big IdeaBounce® (OBIB) 2022


Magnifi uses AI to show employers the nontraditional job seekers they miss in their typical hire searches

“SlipFast Charger”, created by LightWave

A USB-C PD standard charger for laptops, tablets and phones that provide a much more convenient travel experience for consumers, through our originally-manufactured charger that is no thicker than a modern smartphone.

Sobriety Hub

Sobriety Hub is an operations management software for sober living homes.


Keep athletes hands warm during outdoor games in the winter

Kickback Podcasts

Web3 podcast player where you can connect with your favorite hosts and listen to earn


Coeus is a marketplace that connects high school students who need college essay help with college students looking to make some money. They can simply apply and join the site, list the services and prices they offer and high school students pick the person and service for them.


Pool is a mobile app that reinvents the online dating experience by allowing single users to include their friends in the process of finding quality matches.


Develop and commercialize innovative patented biomarker for diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases

RiverCity Bank

RiverCity Bank is a digital bank centered on community development.


Honey-Sweetened Ice Cream

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