Program: Olin's Big IdeaBounce® (OBIB) 2023

FlashChat AI

FlashChat AI is a web app that converts the inquisitive, educational conversations a user has with ChatGPT into customizable, electronic flashcards that are meticulously designed for study.

Natural Hair Nurturance

Invent new hair products to revolutionize natural hair care for Blacks and people of African descent.


To create a centralized reading platform to connect authors and their readers in multiple languages


We are building a discounted ride-sharing platform that embodies the human factor by giving drivers more control over their fares and income. We believe drivers deserve to be their own bosses, and we are here to help them succeed at what they love to do best.


Help shoppers find items on store shelves quicker and easier

Smart Cups

The environmentally friendly smart cups connect customers to do the online order and win fun incentives along the way.


Niura is an innovative patent-pending EEG sensor technology that seamlessly integrates into headphones and earbuds, revolutionizing audio experiences with hands-free control and personalized insights into cognitive health.

Daari Mooch

Male grooming products for African Americans

Caralyst Health

We help patients find the best providers for them based on personal values, demographics, and social determinants of health.


An app-based tool that allows you to easily bulk upload collectibles, track their market values over time, and sort your collectible’s data.

QUTZTL Industries

Research and Development company focused on Mexican rooted concepts

Orunla – Generative AI Advisors

Orunla’s goal is to teach organizations how they can harness the power of Large Language Models (LLMs) and generative AI to solve their problems and capture their full potential. I envision Orunla as a consulting firm that specializes in guiding organizations to select the appropriate LLM or other generative software, train them in how to communicate with it, and advise on general integration with it.

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