Program: Olin's Big IdeaBounce® (OBIB) 2021

Arabic legacy

Arabic tutoring platform for those who live in the US and from Arabic ansecetry but can’t speak Arabic

NXTUP Marketing

NXTUP connects influencers and athletes to local businesses for marketing opportunities. We believe you don’t need to be a celebrity to leverage your social media presence.


The FlipJack tire changing kit will offer roadside safety and efficiency for all to alleviate the outdates methods of the past.

Banana – Educational Platform

Banana is an online education platform geared towards low-income students looking to learn more about career opportunities after school.


ExperienceNow! helps people spend quality time together by providing ideas from making food to VR games.


Mozi is a social app that brings back real human interactions that we lost through social media.

Mama & Sprout

Plant-based protein shake specially formulated for breastfeeding moms

General Symbol

We take the hard out of hardware by annotating and exposing the treasure-trove of metadata that is needed to make full sense of a 3d model of a physical object.


I developed a QR-code-based sticker that you can use to recover your lost items. It actually works!

Beatly Music

Bringing the best of sites like IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes to music, Beatly Music is the definitive place to find critic and fan reviews.

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