Program: NSF I-Corps

Cameron Thompson Photography

I want to create a photography business. I will specialize in portraits, but also do event, dance, and theater photography.


Looking to revolutionize the world of diving? Imagine being able to explore the depths of the ocean without the need for heavy oxygen tanks or cumbersome equipment. Our new technology allows divers to generate their own oxygen from sea water, giving them the freedom to dive deepe


Stripe for electrical grid demand management incentive schemes – pay consumers to reduce peak demand instead of fossil fuel power plants to supply peak demand.

The Flying Hopper

The Hopper flying craft is a new propulsion design with no exterior moving rotor blades, this makes the Hopper safe quiet, and efficient. First Responders and Firefighters can use the Hopper to help save lives.


Compass is a platform that streamlines patient intake, scheduling, & follow-up via SMS, allowing patients the benefits of asynchronous and automated scheduling that can happen faster than the existing, cumbersome process of calling or physically visiting a clinic.

General Symbol

We take the hard out of hardware by annotating and exposing the treasure-trove of metadata that is needed to make full sense of a 3d model of a physical object.

Magnify Your Voice

Magnify provides a personalized software platform to build and engage your community.

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