Cameron Thompson Photography

I want to create a photography business. I will specialize in portraits, but also do event, dance, and theater photography.


All in one Urban farm management tool and social platform

Fresh Farm

An urban living laboratory to improve seed soverienty and food systems using plant breeding.


Our cost-effective product gives sewer departments the ability to free up thousands of cubic feet of storage space for rainwater retention on demand.

Samatva. AI

We are a Diversity HR & Recruitment Platform where we’ve developed Innovations for the Differently-Abled that enables Cost – Effective, Smart, Feasible and Easy Diversity HR & Recruitment Process for Multinational companies.


Buddy is an interactive toy that is connected to a mobile App where the parents can play different content through Buddy. The child will interact with Buddy without being exposed to a screen.


Cache-it offers users a fun way to create digital item collections and hunt collections made by their friends by traversing the real world.

City Closet

City closet is a clothing rental platform that shelves the problem of textile waste with a solution that allows for customer’s self expression without the environmental costs.


This is an inexpensive and practical method of methanol detection in illicit alcohol.

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