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The Skandalaris Center is the hub of innovation and entrepreneurship at Washington University and we support startups at all stages from idea to launch and beyond. We are dedicated to providing programs, services, and opportunities for all members of the WashU community. We encourage individuals, startups, ventures, and teams to post their ideas and connect with us for help along your entrepreneurial journey.

Ideas from WashU Skandalaris Center

The Baek’d Company

Two Baes on a mission to provide cannabis users with delicious and fun alternatives to smoking—munchies to give you the munchies.


Business decision support tool on the foundation of optimization modeling and AI.


A quick and easy solution for dieting/bodybuilding meals.

Lumilin Therapeutics

Lumilin Therapeutics is developing a closed-loop autonomous stem cell therapy for management of insulin-dependent diabetes.

Healing Spirits

A two stage company that starts by using profit earned from alcohol sales to fund research and treatment THEN pivots the company to build clinics, using a model similar to Davita Dialysis clinics, to minimize substance usage disorders


An on-chain decentralized exchange that issue option of any crypto underlying assert in form of NFT.


Netwrk is a professional networking platform that helps you grow your network by getting you connected to the right people, content, and events.


YouLock provides a ubiquitous and affordable smart lock that secures an individual’s micromobilty vehicle providing peace of mind and protection in an environmentally friendly manner.


Ikiris makes reusable push-pump dispensers that snap onto recyclable aluminum cans of soaps, detergents, and shampoo. This design is cheaper to produce and far more sustainable than conventional plastic dispenser bottles.

Soy Sensor

A handheld scanner that can detect the chemical compounds of soy in foods.


A platform where students can rate and review the food options on their college campus, including dining halls, cafes, and food trucks as well as small businesses/restaurants off campus.

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