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The Skandalaris Center is the hub of innovation and entrepreneurship at Washington University and we support startups at all stages from idea to launch and beyond. We are dedicated to providing programs, services, and opportunities for all members of the WashU community. We encourage individuals, startups, ventures, and teams to post their ideas and connect with us for help along your entrepreneurial journey.

Ideas from WashU Skandalaris Center


Cord is an online platform designed for Chinese international students to offer and access services like tutoring, cooking, and entertainment, aiming to broaden their reach and foster a connected community among the student population.

AquaGen – Renewable Energy Solutions

Designing and implementing a device for residential homes that harvests clean energy from rain droplets through the use of the triboelectric effect.


NailPass gives you access to enjoy unlimited manis + pedis at any salon in the United States with your choice of polish: performance, long-lasting, and gel.


Curator is an innovative online platform and app that aims to revolutionize the gift-giving experience, making it more convenient and meaningful for users.

Set Your Stage

A platform designed to create equity in the entertainment industry by providing up-and-coming artists access to promote, sell, network, and learn in their discipline.


Imagine a world where career and life coaches are democratized to high schoolers,

Biodegradable Menstrual Pads

Using banana fiber from LMIC to create biodegradable menstrual pads that lift rural farmers out of poverty.


Uplift is a travel planning app for people with disabilities.


An on-campus, eco-friendly and creative platform where people can fix, tailor, redesign and donate their clothes

Recovery Rush

A few simple taps on a mobile app that delivers the end user a personalized hangover remedy kit.


Favr is a peer-to-peer delivery platform that connects time-strapped students with those looking for extra cash.

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