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The Skandalaris Center is the hub of innovation and entrepreneurship at Washington University and we support startups at all stages from idea to launch and beyond. We are dedicated to providing programs, services, and opportunities for all members of the WashU community. We encourage individuals, startups, ventures, and teams to post their ideas and connect with us for help along your entrepreneurial journey.

Ideas from WashU Skandalaris Center


A localized approach to scalable sustainably grown food


Digital twofold platform. One is an online magazine featuring content on black well-being. Second is a slack like platform offering connection and telehealth services. Both focus on the black community regarding emotional and mental health, resilience and well-be

Sound Mind

Sound Mind will be a platform that connects people with disabilities, caregivers, and mental health professionals. The product will also provide useful information and musical therapy.

Easy Speak

Physician burnout is at an all-time high. The #1 contributor? Not COVID. Overly burdensome charting tasks in the electronic medical record (EMR). We aim to develop a dictation-to-action software that automates these time-consuming EMR tasks for the sake of improving patient care.


ReGear intends to solve the outdoor’s accessibility issues by providing information and a community for those looking to begin an outdoor hobby, and a marketplace for people to buy and sell gear.

Mother’s Milk

Breastfeeding mothers burn an extra 500 calories a day and struggle to find time to make extra meals while caring for a baby. Mother’s Milk vegan protein shakes will provide the added nutrition new mothers need, along with essential nutrients and herbs that support lactation.


I plan to create a laundry mat franchise in the Global South to help make doing laundry more efficient. Oftentimes in Africa, it is girls who wash clothes by hand and by building cheap laundry mats in these communities I hope to empower girls and impact the local community.

Ice Cream For Bears

Ice Cream for Bears is an ice cream company that sweetens only with raw honey

NXTUP Marketing

NXTUP connects influencers and athletes to local businesses for marketing opportunities. We believe you don’t need to be a celebrity to leverage your social media presence.


Pluto seeks to build the first online shopping mall by acquiring individual Shopify stores and centralizing them into a single site for consumers while maintaining their brand identity. Many stores are undervalued and possess easy-to-pull levers to grow revenue and improve cost.


Premium “dance-leisure” apparel

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