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Buy Used

A used clothing store for WashU students.


Finanthropy is a financial planner designed for all philanthropies, in which they can formulate their short and long-term strategy related to donation commitment activities. The main goal is to maximize and make philanthropy activities sustainable long-term.

Leo Financial

Leo aims to create a SAAS phone application which utilizes behavioral science to guide users daily through their journey of debt reduction and financial planning.

The Contraceptive Case

Protecting women and their phones through the creation of a phone case that holds oral contraceptive pills in order to increase adherence to and effectiveness of the pill.

Finer Medical Products

To set up a manufacturing company for medical consumables such as syringes, IV infusion sets, IV cannulae, and blood transfusion sets in Cameroon.

Lux and Nyx

Lux & Nyx creates work and travel bags for successful women worldwide. Our products are carefully crafted to meet the needs of high-achieving women. We also give back to women-related non-profit organizations through every bag purchased. We are dedicated to understanding our cust


Carma is a mobile app and software platform that connects vehicle owners and auto repair shops to help consumers save on auto repair and drive revenue to local auto repair small businesses.

Safety Line

Safety line is an emergency response system- consisting of community members, mental health workers, and paramedics.


STUD-IO enables architects and builders to realize their boldest ideas.

Memory Keepers

Memory Keepers was developed to support people with early to moderate stage dementia. Our services include support groups based on Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST), and other evidence-based interventions. We want to make this program available online for anyone to deliver.


Balancetopia is scaling medically-tailored meals from local to global delivery using locally sourced ingredients and locally prepared meals for preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum.


Turnkey Aerial Intelligence with a Plane-in-a-Pack

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