Need: Research Partners


To create a centralized reading platform to connect authors and their readers in multiple languages


Help shoppers find items on store shelves quicker and easier


Fabric or textile Recycling which takes used clothes from customers and recycle them to new fabric and new clothes


Student loan alternative peer-to-peer investment platform where people can invest in a student’s education for future “dividend” payouts


3D-printed prosthetic with interchangeable parts, so that it can be modified without complete replacement.

DesAIgn Labs

A platform to get quick and actionable UI/UX feedback


An app for parents and children that integrates household management, scheduling, time management, and financial obligations, thus making it more manageable to manage their time and family obligations.

Gliide Cosmetics

We are a beauty brand that creates hydrating lip products for empowering people and to allow them to be confident and proud of who they are. We want people to be able to look in the mirror and just say, “I look amazing!”.

Fresh Farm

An urban living laboratory to improve seed soverienty and food systems using plant breeding.


Managing all subscriptions can get out of hand. We propose a FinTech service giving customers more power to manage their subscriptions – consolidated payments, dashboard containing all the info you need, and the option of upgrading to cancel any subscription at will.


SideQuest is an equal playground for high-skill players, upping the stakes through betting and cultivate a tight-knit community

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