Need: Product Development

Fresh Imports

We sell products on Amazon using FBA and FBM. We source our products online and instore.

Kick My Art

Next Generation Fashion, Clothing, New Artists, Wacky

Jewelry for Change

We create jewelry that is stylish and versatile and we have special lines that benefit various charities throughout the year.

Gliide Cosmetics

We are a beauty brand that creates hydrating lip products for empowering people and to allow them to be confident and proud of who they are. We want people to be able to look in the mirror and just say, “I look amazing!”.


All in one Urban farm management tool and social platform

Fresh Farm

An urban living laboratory to improve seed soverienty and food systems using plant breeding.


Our cost-effective product gives sewer departments the ability to free up thousands of cubic feet of storage space for rainwater retention on demand.


Accessible platform encourage entrepreneurship in college students by connecting those passionate about the same idea


Buddy is an interactive toy that is connected to a mobile App where the parents can play different content through Buddy. The child will interact with Buddy without being exposed to a screen.


A chemical spray and egg trap to prevent an invasive fruit fly from being exported


SideQuest is an equal playground for high-skill players, upping the stakes through betting and cultivate a tight-knit community


OvuMap is to use continuous monitoring sensor technology that already exists for managing a variety of diseases and conditions, such as diabetes, and use it to accurately measure various hormones that regulate the menstrual cycle.

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