Need: Operations and Management


A cutting-edge digital assistant for video engagement that allows users to control media through voice commands, ensuring seamless multitasking and revolutionizing multimedia interaction.

Great Axis

By bridging the gap between travel limitations and the desire for cultural experiences, my platform creates an innovative and inclusive way to explore the world, learn languages, and foster understanding across borders.


Simplifying the operating room through mixed reality data fusion.


We are pioneering Africa’s health frontier by ensuring consistent access to both essential and hard-to-source medications, while also steadfastly committed to combating counterfeits and guaranteeing the highest quality in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and finished dosage forms every time.

Career Central

Our core mission is to automate career center operations, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge AI solutions that empower students and build communities while offering affordability for higher education.


ABCD is an apparel brand that intentionally combines fashion and social impact to create sustainable positive change by partnering with organizations such as SAHELI (based in India) that work to create cyclical forms of empowerment for women through education, skills training, employment, and financial literacy.


Enlighto is an AI-powered educational app that offers personalized, step-by-step problem-solving guidance tailored to students’ unique learning needs, promoting deep understanding and independent thinking.

Realize to Act

A tech product to efficiently connect existing resources in school supplies, food, clothing, tutoring support, and other basic needs, to underserved school districts, expanding the resource network of existing nonprofit Realize to Act


A mobile café robot, summonable via voice command or in-app ordering.


Help shoppers find items on store shelves quicker and easier


Fabric or textile Recycling which takes used clothes from customers and recycle them to new fabric and new clothes

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