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Volcanic Veggies

Volcanic Veggies is a food production company that processes food waste into healthy and delicious snacks that are strategically marketed to address food insecurity.

Core Counsel

Core Counsel: A deep communications consultancy based in nonviolent communication.

Valana Health

Establish reliable and centralized commercial medical laboratories in Nigeria and across Africa.

Easy Bites

Easy Bites creates food products from upcycled food waste

The WeGood App

The WeGood App is a community health worker at the palm of your hand. With our app, people get connected to care management they trust so that they’re referred to primary care options, transportation, local pharmacies, and other important resources like housing and food access.

Mentor & Me

A business that pairs students with alumni to help them learn more about the industry that they’re interested in.

Arabic legacy

Arabic tutoring platform for those who live in the US and from Arabic ansecetry but can’t speak Arabic


Oatmeal supplemented with caffeine and protein to fit an on-the-go lifestyle.


ReGear intends to solve the outdoor’s accessibility issues by providing information and a community for those looking to begin an outdoor hobby, and a marketplace for people to buy and sell gear.

Ice Cream for Bears

Ice Cream Company that sweetens only with raw honey and uses pure, simple ingredients

NXTUP Marketing

NXTUP connects influencers and athletes to local businesses for marketing opportunities. We believe you don’t need to be a celebrity to leverage your social media presence.

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