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My platform will create the bridge between talented entertainment and event coordinators who are looking to book talent.

GEMS Media

GEMS uses AI to design personalized children’s storybooks that feel real.

Vino de Guadalupe

Vino de Guadalupe will exclusively distribute “Baron Balche,” a family-owned Mexican wine producer elaborated with passion and the highest quality.

PassBack: Where Sports Meets Sustainability

PassBack is a digital platform for circular reuse of sports equipment. We collaborate with sports brands, recycling plants, and communities to provide convenience and savings through a streamlined process.

Buy Used

A used clothing store for WashU students.


A value-based, AI powered physician recommendation engine, matching platform, and analytics platform.


A customizable, luxury care-package business offering subscription packages and a direct-to-dorm delivery service.


Finanthropy is a financial planner designed for all philanthropies, in which they can formulate their short and long-term strategy related to donation commitment activities. The main goal is to maximize and make philanthropy activities sustainable long-term.


This is an inexpensive and practical method of methanol detection in illicit alcohol.

Leo’s Financial

Leo aims to create a SAAS phone application which utilizes behavioral science to guide users daily through their journey of debt reduction and financial planning.

DickerSon’s source

A website resource to help families process and maneuver the end of life journey of a family member.

The Contraceptive Case

Protecting women and their phones through the creation of a phone case that holds oral contraceptive pills in order to increase adherence to and effectiveness of the pill.

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