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A cutting-edge digital assistant for video engagement that allows users to control media through voice commands, ensuring seamless multitasking and revolutionizing multimedia interaction.

Trinity PR

PR firm dedicated to advancing diverse professionals and the generations that come after

NEL(National Entrepreneurship League)

Each university has a undergrad and grad team for entrepreneurship. Content will be made out of the entrepreneurs and their ideas. Think reality tv shows + nfl films’ hard knocks

Great Axis

By bridging the gap between travel limitations and the desire for cultural experiences, my platform creates an innovative and inclusive way to explore the world, learn languages, and foster understanding across borders.


dailycheck is a consumer product that uses artificial intelligence to improve the management of diabetes type 1 & 2.


Simplifying the operating room through mixed reality data fusion.

Panda Provisions

Student-owned Asian convenience store chain in near colleges/universities similar to Insomnia Cookies


Cord is an online platform designed for Chinese international students to offer and access services like tutoring, cooking, and entertainment, aiming to broaden their reach and foster a connected community among the student population.

AquaGen – Renewable Energy Solutions

Designing and implementing a device for residential homes that harvests clean energy from rain droplets through the use of the triboelectric effect.


NailPass gives you access to enjoy unlimited manis + pedis at any salon in the United States with your choice of polish: performance, long-lasting, and gel.

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