Need: Finance and Accounting


A student-run cleaning service for WashU students, here to make kitchen, floor, and bathroom cleaning effortless & spotless, and plan to grow within WashU and scale to other universities and cities.


Finanthropy is a financial planner designed for all philanthropies, in which they can formulate their short and long-term strategy related to donation commitment activities. The main goal is to maximize and make philanthropy activities sustainable long-term.


FitFreak is a marketplace website that connects customers to 1-on-1 online fitness coaches to help individuals achieve fitness, nutrition, or wellness goals.

Finer Medical Products

To set up a manufacturing company for medical consumables such as syringes, IV infusion sets, IV cannulae, and blood transfusion sets in Cameroon.


A Spanish dictionary populated with slang term definitions and examples for aspiring Spanish language learners


Condwears is a sex-positive, eco-friendly graphic apparel brand that is focusing its efforts on sex education and self-expression while creating quality sustainable textiles and comfort clothing. We are a vintage sustainable streetwear label with a cause.

Tutors for Us

Tutors For Us provides Black high-school students with affordable and experienced SAT/ACT tutors and advisors that look like them.

Lux and Nyx

Lux & Nyx creates work and travel bags for successful women worldwide. Our products are carefully crafted to meet the needs of high-achieving women. We also give back to women-related non-profit organizations through every bag purchased. We are dedicated to understanding our cust

Safety Line

Safety line is an emergency response system- consisting of community members, mental health workers, and paramedics.

Memory Keepers

Memory Keepers was developed to support people with early to moderate stage dementia. Our services include support groups based on Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST), and other evidence-based interventions. We want to make this program available online for anyone to deliver.

Minimally Invasive Surgical Device for Prostate Enlargement

More than half of men over 50 suffer from urinary problems and reduced quality of life due to prostate enlargement or BPH. Our minimally invasive surgical device provides a rapid and permanent relief of BPH symptoms without complications.

The pcBee

A low cost desktop circuit board printer that can create high accuracy boards quickly. By reducing costs and production times, we offer a product that will supercharge the Rapid Prototyping Industry, doing to circuit boards what 3D printing did to plastics

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