Industry: Technology

Great Axis

By bridging the gap between travel limitations and the desire for cultural experiences, my platform creates an innovative and inclusive way to explore the world, learn languages, and foster understanding across borders.

Set Your Stage

A platform designed to create equity in the entertainment industry by providing up-and-coming artists access to promote, sell, network, and learn in their discipline.

FlashChat AI

FlashChat AI is a web app that converts the inquisitive, educational conversations a user has with ChatGPT into customizable, electronic flashcards that are meticulously designed for study.


Portable, reusable charging pods for mobile devices in public spaces (solar powered when possible).

Ultra Insights

An Insights & Marketing company addressing bias in medical surveys

The Legal Accountability Project

The Legal Accountability Project is a nonprofit that improves and diversifies judicial clerkship experiences by democratizing information about judges as managers through our Centralized Clerkships Database (“Yelp for judges”), innovative legal technology that enables law students to access transparent information before applying for clerkships and internships.

For Womenhood

A social media app made just for women to protect, empower, and connect them through safety features and a community built on information sharing.


Justused Tech is a sustainability brand that seeks to reduce the amount of e-waste in our society by repurposing, recycling and re-homing technological devices , donating a percentage to underserved communities and also placing a percentage on our e-commerce website.


An app for parents and children that integrates household management, scheduling, time management, and financial obligations, thus making it more manageable to manage their time and family obligations.


A pressure washing company with an emphasis on giving back to the community.


A Dating app for finding friends minus the dating


SideQuest is an equal playground for high-skill players, upping the stakes through betting and cultivate a tight-knit community

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