Industry: Service

TruRes Realt Estate

My idea is to create a real estate company that appeals to different types of buyers and sellers.

Cart to Class

Golf carts to class acting as Ubers for students


A platform where students can rate and review the food options on their college campus, including dining halls, cafes, and food trucks as well as small businesses/restaurants off campus.


A student-run cleaning service for WashU students, here to make kitchen, floor, and bathroom cleaning effortless & spotless, and plan to grow within WashU and scale to other universities and cities.

DickerSon’s source

A website resource to help families process and maneuver the end of life journey of a family member.

M.A.R.C.H. Minority Ancestral Restoration Coalition for Healing

Since being gifted my 23 & Me account and now knowing the origin of my family and even being able to visit the land of my ancestors this year, I want to create a place where minorities have the opportunity to be introduced to the same information at no cost in attempt to educate them of their lineage, ancestral culture, and traditions and provide a higher awareness of self for minorities who have never recived an oral history of the family origin mostly due to the enslavement of our most recent ancestors.

Masta Wheels

Athletic charter bus company for comfortable travel for athletes


A personalized text message sent to you every week with the parties, academic, and club events on your college campus.


Coeus is a marketplace that connects high school students who need college essay help with college students looking to make some money. They can simply apply and join the site, list the services and prices they offer and high school students pick the person and service for them.


A product for African students to pay their DHS Sevis Fee and US college tuition in their local currencies.

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