Industry: Mobile Application


A Dating app for finding friends minus the dating


Snooter is the mobile app re-imagining the way pet adoptions happen, facilitating forever-home matches between future pet parents and pets while supporting local shelters and their communities at the same time.


Konekt is a professional networking application tailored toward the incoming generation of workers by adding modern social media functions and a more compelling stream of work-related content to business networking.


A small-sum betting app with an emphasis on a social, low stakes experience, universal daily bets, and an approachable user interface.


FitFreak is a marketplace website that connects customers to 1-on-1 online fitness coaches to help individuals achieve fitness, nutrition, or wellness goals.

Leo’s Financial

Leo aims to create a SAAS phone application which utilizes behavioral science to guide users daily through their journey of debt reduction and financial planning.

King of the Curve

Turning student stress into student success through engaging and high-quality test prep

RiverCity Bank

RiverCity Bank is a digital bank centered on community development.

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