Industry: Media


Curator is an innovative online platform and app that aims to revolutionize the gift-giving experience, making it more convenient and meaningful for users.


Teaching schools and their students how to broadcast their sports and events live


A platform where students can rate and review the food options on their college campus, including dining halls, cafes, and food trucks as well as small businesses/restaurants off campus.


UnVale will change how people develop, explore, and express their identities online by enabling users to trade their identity-based collectible avatars used for fan, gaming and VR communities.

Expose Media Company

Expose is an impact-based media company that aims to create a space for people around the world to foster a human connection through empathy. By creating unique experiences that garner an understanding of the value of humans, we are exposing the oneness of the human experience.

Extended Motion

A video production agency with an emphasis on building personal relationships and strengthening community.

Augmented Reality T-shirt

AR.T is an Augmented Reality social networking experience, combining the communicative power of clothing and social AR. User’s scan each other’s codes (which can be applied to anything; a sticker, etc) and see other people’s social content in Augmented Reality space.


Entertainment production studio that creates content virtually.

Chatter Box

A social media app that creates a forward thinking community by allowing users to easily record, upload, and share a podcast with friends.


Mozi is a social app that brings back real human interactions that we lost through social media.


Curro is a collaborative activity tracking platform where athletes track and share activities as well as join teams to interact with other athletes.

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