Industry: Food & Beverage

Honeymoon Chocolates

Honeymoon specializes in bean to bar craft chocolate sweetened solely with raw honey. We are chocolate makers in solidarity with our cacao farmers through pledging to pay a premium for all cacao purchased.

Mighty Cricket

Mighty Cricket is building a sustainable protein supply to nourish the world through nutritious, delicious, and convenient protein products.

Find Your Farmer

Find Your Farmer is an online platform and grocery delivery service that sources all products from local, ethical, and sustainable farms and artisans.

east carter drive

east carter drive is a meal kit delivery system for women living with hormonal imbalances.

Volcanic Veggies

Volcanic Veggies is a food production company that processes food waste into healthy and delicious snacks that are strategically marketed to address food insecurity.

Easy Bites

Easy Bites creates food products from upcycled food waste


Oatmeal supplemented with caffeine and protein to fit an on-the-go lifestyle.

Ice Cream for Bears

Ice Cream Company that sweetens only with raw honey and uses pure, simple ingredients

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