Industry: Food & Beverage


Protein pudding, elevating a classic desert with protein and simple ingredients to leave athletes feeling energized

Health Soul

Health Soul! a dine restaurant that feeds the right meal to those people with diabetes and allergies. We feed correctly proportioned meals proteins, fat, carbs, and sugar so diabetics don’t have to worry about their blood pressure rising.

Big Easy Daiquiris

A drive-through daiquiri store with alcoholic and non-alcoholic options.

Healing Spirits

A two stage company that starts by using profit earned from alcohol sales to fund research and treatment THEN pivots the company to build clinics, using a model similar to Davita Dialysis clinics, to minimize substance usage disorders

Vino de Guadalupe

Vino de Guadalupe will exclusively distribute “Baron Balche,” a family-owned Mexican wine producer elaborated with passion and the highest quality.


Transform any drink into a deeply hydrating, functional beverage with one quick squeeze.


Honey-Sweetened Ice Cream


Ice Cream Company that sweetens only with raw honey and uses pure, simple ingredients


FattBellies is a community-oriented restaurant that strives to satisfy, fill, and have a rememberable time for customers. Solving the problem of customers getting bored, indecisive, and tired of the same things and foods, so they stopped shopping or going.


Meal Prep catered to our Vegan and Gluten Sensitive family.

The housing crisis will be solved by re-defining the functions and features of a home. With the state of robotics and self-driving cars, we don’t need a house with many rooms. All we need is

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