Industry: Fashion

The GoToStowe Store

A online marketplace that colloborates with HBCUS and students to market and sell their own brands, and products whilst promoting black excellence

Athletic clothing company

My company, Ambitious Athletes, is developing high quality motivational clothing to help athletes stay motivated and overcome adversity with motivational quotes on clothing We compete in the growing clothing market, which last year was a 1.53 trillion dollar value market. We ar

Kick My Art

Next Generation Fashion, Clothing, New Artists, Wacky

Jewelry for Change

We create jewelry that is stylish and versatile and we have special lines that benefit various charities throughout the year.


I hand make bracelets and waists beads to help people better express their self. I also try and keep the culture of waist beads alive, by making sure people know what they are wearing and why they are wearing it.

Buy Used

A used clothing store for WashU students.

Lux and Nyx

Lux & Nyx creates work and travel bags for successful women worldwide. Our products are carefully crafted to meet the needs of high-achieving women. We also give back to women-related non-profit organizations through every bag purchased. We are dedicated to understanding our cust


AP is a fragrance line for male / female


Mend is a platform that supports the circular fashion economy by connecting individuals with clothing repair & redesign needs to local creatives and seamstresses.

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