Industry: Education

Rem and Company

Rem and Company is a community-centered approach to supporting, scaling, and shopping small businesses.

Leap Education

At Leap Education, we want to bridge this gap by offering free world-class online college-level courses.

Test Prep Toolbox

Proprietary algorithms that personalize the ACT and SAT training

The Minority Network

The Minority Network provides underrepresented students access to career opportunities and resources that have traditionally been inaccessible. We achieve this by facilitating mentorship programs and corporate events for careers in finance and tech.


Cohort-based hiring platform for tech talent at scale

Amygdala Co

Amygdala Co helps families gain the skills needed to reduce child outbursts. Amygdala Co, building blocks for better behaviors.

We Together

An assistance organization for international students studying in the U.S.

Double H-Hometown Help

Double H-Hometown Help is here to support our Chinese students suffering mental illness with professional and feasible help. It is a multifunctional online only platform with therapists, self-care courses, and free mental health education in both Chinese and English.

The Doctors’ Lounge

Our mission is to empower medical students with the information to execute difficult to reverse career decisions with confidence.

Core Counsel

Core Counsel: A deep communications consultancy based in nonviolent communication.


An app where students can connect with mentors and innovate on interdisciplinary ideas

Culture of Capital

The culture of capital is an online platform created to provide support for teachers to feel qualified to teach a quality personal finance course.

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