Industry: Beauty

Loved by Nature

All natural skincare for the health of our environment and the skin of all people.

Jewelry for Change

We create jewelry that is stylish and versatile and we have special lines that benefit various charities throughout the year.

Gliide Cosmetics

We are a beauty brand that creates hydrating lip products for empowering people and to allow them to be confident and proud of who they are. We want people to be able to look in the mirror and just say, “I look amazing!”.

The Foundation

To make natural product to have an positive and healthier foundation in life.

Muaah Lips

Muaah Lips is a cosmetic line that keeps the lips hydrated and moisture


N.A.S.H is a skin and hair company targeting African-Americans to restore their damaged natural hair with all natural products.

Shades of Color

Shades of Color is building an interactive, personalized virtual beauty marketplace to help beauty companies to promote and sell their beauty and personal care products to people of color struggling to find products that match their unique skin tone, skin conditions, & allergies.

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