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A used clothing store for WashU students.


Condwears is a sex-positive, eco-friendly graphic apparel brand that is focusing its efforts on sex education and self-expression while creating quality sustainable textiles and comfort clothing. We are a vintage sustainable streetwear label with a cause.

Lux and Nyx

Lux & Nyx creates work and travel bags for successful women worldwide. Our products are carefully crafted to meet the needs of high-achieving women. We also give back to women-related non-profit organizations through every bag purchased. We are dedicated to understanding our cust


Pareto makes getting dressed the easiest part of the day through making high quality wardrobe essentials (imagine Patagonia for the “everyday” category) and life-simplifying technology (personalized styling “recipes” based on the Pareto pieces you own).


Bailembao is premium “dance-leisure” apparel that is stylish, comfortable, and built for movement with sustainably-sourced fabrics.


Keep athletes hands warm during outdoor games in the winter

K Kube LLC

Mommy and Me Collection with a twist

Divine Minds Fashion Apparel

Divine Minds is a thrift Fashion brand that sells quality, brand name clothing at affordable prices for young adult teens.


My life’s story reflected through design.


Kootote is a customizable tote bag brand that allows customers to personalize a tote bag an contribute to the creating process. With Kootote, you can order custom painted bags, and/or contribute to digitally designs that are heat pressed onto bags.


We are creating Weighted Sensory Jackets for kids struggling with symptoms of stress and anxiety


Sustainable Textile Waste Solutions

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