Whales are one of the most human-like gregarious mammals in the world. They share resources and bond through their unique sonic frequency. At WhaleTribe, we aim to provide a safe and trusted community for disabled and disadvantaged populations, which make up 26% of the U.S. population. 

As a healthcare technology company, WhaleTribe provides a platform for users (“Whalers”) to bond and share life stories or challenges. Our Whalers will share their medical experiences and recovery stories through broadcasting, blogs, and short videos without constraint. WhaleTribe partners with medical equipment suppliers, health care, legal and insurance providers. It also provides job training and offers job posting billboards. 

A large percentage of our partners are from the medical devices market, which was valued at more than $450 billion in 2020 and is still rapidly growing. This means WhaleTribe has strong growth potential since we profit mostly from advertisement and partnership fees. We also have two strategic advantages: 1) Lower than industry average user acquisition cost due to high referral rates. 2) Strong user loyalty and product conversion rate due to professional content and unique target audience.

WhaleTribe, We connect, share and vibe. A place that people trust!

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