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Many international student will encounter various conventional challenges when entering the United States.The unsuitability of American culture and the inability to integrate into the local community are the biggest challenges.

So I hope to establish an international student assistance organization named “We Together” to help them adapt to the local American community and culture more quickly. We mainly have three types of activities. Including Special teaching(it means a special group learning model for local students to teach international students English classes) ,Interesting activities (it means Organize outdoor activities such as visiting local museums and camping) and Culture activities.(it means Organize special activities to explain the history of the United States and the Constitution)

So my market and customers are very clear,International students at Washington University in St. Louis.

My Competition are mainly other clubs or organizations on the university campus.But the target group of “we together” is narrower and more focused.

We will give more sense of belonging and fulfillment to international students who come to the United States. At the same time, it can strengthen the exchanges between them and local students. To bridge the xenophobic sentiment in the community and part of the society, and let the community know more about international students.

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