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Way Back When’s online marketplace rekindles that feeling from decades past by connecting consumers directly to enriching small businesses. We help local businesses build an e-commerce storefront within our platform and help bring your favorite small businesses from around the country right to your doorstep. Our team became empowered to make a change this past year as we saw COVID-19 tear through our communities. After watching our favorite neighborhood stores close their doors forever, we became devoted to doing something about it. A couple product variations, brainstorming sessions, and trash cans full of crumpled ideas later, we have fallen in love with Way Back When. Way Back When seeks to bridge the e-commerce chasm between businesses of scale and less sophisticated, Mom-and-Pop shops by building out an e-commerce marketplace designed for the modern world. Each partner business receives their own customizable storefront, personalized marketing campaign, and the opportunity to tell their story and enhance their brand awareness. This helps small businesses who have been unable to get online and gives consumers an easy to way to shop responsibly and in an easy, online, socially conscious manner. Now more than ever, small businesses across the country are struggling to stay alive; at Way Back When we believe that we can not only help save struggling Mom-and-Pop shops but enable them to thrive and be competitive in the ever-changing world we live in.

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