Wave-Energy Power Generation Device Using Hydraulic-Difference Causing By Inertia Force Of Wave Motion

Wave-Energy Power Generation Device Using Hydraulic-Difference Causing By Inertia Force Of Wave Motion

A device uses the inertia force of ocean waves to generate electricity. It consists of a buoy and an inertia-hydraulic-difference power generation system.The buoy swings with the waves, acceleration is opposite in the vertical direction at both ends of the buoy. The inertia-hydraulic-difference power generation system consists of at least two inertia force hydraulic-transformers, pipeline-generators, pipelines, and check-valves. The inertia  force hydraulic-transformer is located at both ends of the buoy. When it is affected by the inertia force, it pressurizes or depressurizes the liquid and drives the liquid flow in the pipeline. The pipeline-generator is installed on the pipeline for power generation. The pipeline connects the inertia force hydraulic-transformer, the pipeline-generator, and the check-valve into a liquid circulation loop. The inertia force hydraulic-transformer consists of a shell, a liquid-capsule, and an inertia force pressure-block.



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