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Video Posse is a phone app development start-up. I own the Trademark for the product Video Posse. The first product is an app used for social justice activists. After downloading the freeware and setting a few options it is active. It is to alert people nearby if you would like others to film your interaction with the police. It uses existing geospatial technology to pinpoint where a signal is sent from and alerts members of the ‘Posse’ nearby as to where to go and start filming.
Video evidence is critical for documenting poor or illegal police behavior. It can also be used to document acceptable behavior and exonerate police officers. Police body cameras, unfortunately, are not in every community, are not always turned on, are of poor quality and images can be withheld from the public.
It can be the difference in cases such as George Floyd’s death where a conviction occurred and Michael Brown where no clear video evidence was available to make a case for either side.
It will be a freeware that is downloaded for all mobile phone operating systems. Revenue will come from ads sold to civil rights groups (NAACP, National Action Network, etc.) and civil rights lawyers. Additional revenue would be sold based on matching clusters of users to nearby retail establishments (bars, restaurants, gas stations, etc.).
It will help diversify the economy in the Metro East area. With growth there will need to be programmers, engineers, finance, marketing and sales professionals.

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