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DAOs, also known as Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, are “member-owned communities without centralized leadership.” Enabled by blockchain technology, DAOs allow people from anywhere in the world to form communities whose products and services can have a global reach from launch. Many people from all over the world have realized this amazing opportunity, and there is currently over $9 billion dollars of value locked in DAO treasuries – this number will only grow.

Utopia Labs believes that DAOs are the next iteration of governance structures. DAOs will revolutionize the way work is done and allow anyone from anywhere in the world to collaborate on amazing projects and gain ownership in what they build. This structure will fundamentally change how people engage with their employers and their work for the better.

Utopia Labs is building the tools to help further democratize access to scaling and building vibrant DAO communities. Our tools will help address the most pressing challenges of running a DAO community, such as payroll, expense management, and HR management.

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