There is a growing skills gap in the us that will leave millions of jobs unfilled in the coming years. This skills gap will have a disproportionate impact on low-income workers of color. At the same time, employers and upskilling programs are struggling to find more diverse candidates. With current communication channels relying on “word of mouth,” job seekers, employers, and upskillers are often unable to locate good matches- increasing the skills gap.

Using a comprehensive database of geo-located upskilling programs, real-time employment data, and AI-driven matching algorithms, we have created the first web-based application that will connect job-seekers and employers through upskilling programs in local labor markets.

1. Employers post jobs based on specific skill sets
2. Job seekers find jobs that they are interested in
3.  AI algorithms efficiently and equitably connect job-seekers to upskilling programs in order to build the skills needed for their desired jobs

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