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There are plenty of cafes in St. Louis, but when it comes to finding a place to study or work late into the evening, there are minimal options. Restaurants and bars provide nighttime social spaces, but they do not offer the kind of workspaces that can be found in specialized coffee shops. Our goal is to create just that. Unity Cafe is a late-night cafe that specializes in community outreach and involvement. On top of serving coffee and acting as a social and work space, we would like to offer weekly services such as open mics, author visits, ESL classes, tutoring, and job readiness skills. Unity Cafe is open from 4pm to 2am, offering a much-needed space for individuals to work and/or socialize during a time when the only open businesses are restaurants or bars. Additionally, Unity Cafe produces social capital by hiring formerly incarcerated individuals and providing a space for unhoused community members to take a break from St. Louis’ inclement weather. Our primary mission is to bring social entrepreneurial energy as well as community engagement to the St. Louis area. We are looking to enhance the coffee and community scene by being a space that offers unique hours, intentional involvement, and impactful services. We are a team of MSW and MBA Candidates who have a passion for coffee, community, and helping others. With proper mentorship and financial advice, we believe Unity Cafe will change the productive scene of St. Louis.

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