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They say there are 3 R’s of education: Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. Well at Tutors for Us we have 4: Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and Representation. We started Tutors for Us because we noticed a gap in the $12 billion1 industry of private tutoring and test prep that needed to be filled — tutoring for Black students from Black tutors. Tutors for Us matches Black students with Black ACT and SAT tutors from Top 20 schools across America. We believe connecting Black students to Black tutors to work 1:1 creates a more comfortable, culturally competent learning environment that may not be available to them otherwise. We know the phrase “Representation matters,” is commonly thrown around and has almost become a cliche but don’t just take our word for it. Research has shown that culturally competent learning environments can help close racial educational achievement gaps2; which is why at Tutors for Us we facilitate near-peer mentorship between our tutors and students. In addition to ACT and SAT tutoring, we also provide holistic college counseling. 

Students connect with us by accessing our website and browsing through our tutor profiles which include the names, subject concentrations, and schools of our tutors. Once a student has found a tutor they’re interested in working with, they’ll schedule a session through the website and pay. Afterwards, the tutor will reach out to the student via email and begin meeting with them over Zoom. 

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