Tributary’s purpose is to help anyone create an obituary for a loved one that is full of meaning. Through simple prompts, tributes are created to tell this person’s full story and their impact on the world. Tributary helps users break free from a broken system that is too often cold, devoid of meaning and in the case of printed obituaries, costly and lacking search optimization.

This is a virtually untapped market in a rapidly aging population. Today, most obituaries are created by families, and funeral directors often step in to help. Most will tell you the process is difficult and riddled with broken, outdated systems – all in the midst of heartbreaking loss and challenging time constraints.

The market for obituaries is increasing due to demographics. The cost is anywhere from $300 to $3000 if obituaries are published in a newspaper. The headaches mount with small word counts. This is an industry ripe for disruption and new solutions. A free, caring and beautiful creation software solves immediate and long-term needs.

Tributary… let’s tell the greatest stories.

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