Tiimu is a for-profit social venture focused on bringing sustainable development to underserved communities using the voluntary carbon market.

In Uganda, 90% of all households cook over open fires, which negatively impacts respiratory health, wastes valuable firewood resources, and prevents women from engaging in more beneficial activities. Cooking on open fires also emits around 1 billion tons of CO2 a year. Annually, 2.6% of Uganda’s forests are cut down, and at this rate the country will have no forest cover in less than 25 years. 

To solve this problem, Tiimu will provide sustainable cooking solutions by selling fuel-efficient rocket stoves at cost. The stoves halve fuel consumption and nearly eliminate stove pollution. 

To operate efficiently and scale effectively, Tiimu will employ Village Health Teams, who serve as healthcare contractors, to oversee stove installation as we expand throughout Uganda. 

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