The Perfect Trip

People love to travel but do not always have the time, energy, or resources to plan the ideal trip. Additionally, most times, it is nearly impossible to find local attractions on a Google search.

That is why my two teammates and I are building a product that generates an ideal travel itinerary for its users. It takes specific input to give personalized recommendations on what users can get up to on their travel. These recommendations are made from a comprehensive and dynamic dataset (collected from multiple APIs) that involves both touristic and local data.

On top of user-specific recommendations ranging from touristic to local activities, it builds an optimal schedule for the user to follow during the travel. This schedule can be easily edited.

This is the MVP we are building, but the future of this product is much more:
1) non-traveling people will be able to check new openings or places unknown to them in their local cities.
2) There will be a social media aspect in which people will be able to share plans and places with others.
3) People considering living in a new city will be able to find out how it is to move there.

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