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Making circuit boards, or PCB’s, is cumbersome, expensive, and slow. Hobbyists, universities, and companies currently have to order circuit boards from fabrication houses with weeks long lead times and high costs, meaning any type of hardware prototyping is painfully slow, with each new edit to a board meaning more money spent and 2+ weeks of waiting.

We have created a PCB printer that can make high accuracy circuit boards quickly and cheaply. Instead of spending large sums of money ordering boards, users can spend cents printing their own. The printer uses a novel method for cutting, drilling, and board assembly, meaning our machine isn’t limited to traditional rigid circuit boards, allowing for flexible and more eco-friendly options. This product gives users the freedom to design and iterate faster than they ever could before. We want to see this device be as necessary a tool in an engineering space as a 3D printer or a soldering iron.

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