The Legal Accountability Project

The Legal Accountability Project’s (LAP) Centralized Clerkships Database democratizes information about judges as managers and clerkship experiences. Law students applying for clerkships overwhelmingly lack information about judges. Much of the legal community fears holding judges accountable through transparency in hiring because of the dependency feedback loop between the judiciary, law schools, and legal employers, necessitating an independent, trusted, third-party solution.

LAP’s Database allows attorneys who work for judges to share information about management style and workplace conduct in a verified and anonymous platform. Applicants logging into the Database access more information about judges to ensure better matching between judges and clerks, thereby improving the judiciary through better clerkships.

LAP’s Database is the largest independent repository of clerkship information submitted by former clerks from across the country. Judges are even recommending the platform. LAP partners with law schools, whose career services departments use this resource to advise students on beneficial clerkships and promote it to students and alumni, helping LAP grow the Database. LAP disseminates vastly more information than law schools can. As the Database grows in popularity and more schools participate, judges who excel as managers will improve their applicant pools. A better-informed judiciary on workplace issues, and better matching for clerks, promotes justice for all.

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