The Flying Hopper

The Hopper without moving rotor blades like multi rotor craft is safe, quiet and efficient. There are internal steering flaps to control the Hopper in flight. Phase one will be to build Drone Hoppers for moving small packages, building and bridge inspections, and for agriculture uses. The drone market is growing and regulations are now being implemented for the drones to fly safely with the general air traffic.

The Hopper can be design for First Responders and for Fire Fighters. The Hopper in the future could help fight forest fires by carrying water or fire retardants to extinguish the flames. Fire trucks can not always get close to the fire. The Hopper can be refilled by fire trucks or a fire hydrant. The Hopper can be designed to use water from near by lakes to fight the fires.

The Hoppers propulsion system allows the craft to get close to objects without the fear of a tail rotor or the main rotor strike like a helicopter. The Hopper is a very unique and safe design compared to multi rotor craft with the rotor blades exposed to the atmosphere.

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