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So many people have great ideas but have never run a business.  In fact, over half of the new businesses will fail in the first five years. That’s where we come in.  Our company is called The Engine Consulting Services because we help drive success.   We work with creative startups to develop strategic plans, build financial pro forma’s and consult in best operations management practices. Our business model also gives back. We will use our resources to assist justice-involved individuals who have difficulty finding employment start small businesses.  If they can do that successfully they won’t feel an economic crisis which could return them to crime.   Our goal would be for one-quarter of our firm to serve the formerly incarcerated at significant discounts.

We will partner with Community Development Financial Institutions and other small business lenders.  We help their clients become successful so all parties benefit.  With the prize money, we will finish out our proprietary software which will help streamline the consulting process and therefore lower time and cost for each engagement.

We have over 30 years of Practical Operations business experience.  We will add to staff in specialty areas like legal and human resources as the business grows.  We are The Engine Consulting.  We help businesses become the little engine that could.

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