The Contraceptive Case

The oral contraceptive pill, otherwise known as the ‘pill’, is the most commonly used method of contraception in the United States with ~80% of sexually active women reporting they have used them. The pill is highly effective at preventing pregnancy as well as many other hormonally driven issues in women… But there’s a catch… It must be adhered to PERFECTLY. Nevertheless, adherence to the pill is incredibly low with approximately 50% of women reporting missing their pill at least once per month.

Our solution is the first-ever oral contraceptive phone case. Built for women, by women, we aim to make adherence to the pill as convenient and as easy as possible. By keeping the pills as close as your phone always is and with in-app alarm, snooze, and prescription reminder features, our goal is to ease the accountability burden put on millions of women every day. Our mission is protection and empowerment — protecting you and your phone to empower through peace of mind.

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