My idea is a platform where students can rate and write unbiased reviews for the food options on their college campus, including dining halls, cafes, and food trucks, as well as small businesses/restaurants off campus! We plan to have each partner college/university have a page on our platform (possibly a school branch organization) with reviews and a brief description of the school and the style of surrounding restaurants. Each partner college will have independent exec boards and recruit student “critics” to write reviews. The platform, StudentEats, will provide review guides and recruiting resources and act as the central site for all reviews, making revenue primarily through ads. Our ad revenue will be spent on three categories: 1) 10% revenue promise donated to Feeding America, 2) 20% revenue dedicated to supporting local businesses 3) 70% reinvested back into the business. We also plan to include a community section where any college student with a verified account can post their reviews and share their thoughts with fellow foodies. Our mission is to create a platform designed by students to help college students make more informed decisions while supporting local restaurants and small businesses. We plan to start this business with three key pillars in mind: integrity, transparency, and kindness. Although we may refer to our student writers as “critics,” we are genuinely dedicated to delivering quality reviews while leveraging our position to give local partners the exposure they need.

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