Sound Mind

Sound Mind is an app where people with mental disabilities can interact with others with mental disabilities and caregivers can engage with other caregivers. People with disabilities and their caregivers will be able to access useful information about psychiatrists, physicians, lawyers for guardianship, clinics, etc. The stigma surrounding mental illness can make it difficult for individuals with disabilities to feel connected and integrated in society. People with mental illnesses and caregivers of these individuals can feel misunderstood. Who better to understand than fellow caregivers and people with disabilities? Sound Mind would promote a safe space and sense of community. The consolidation of helpful information will eliminate the hassle of tedious internet hunts. Over time there’s been a shift from traditional to non- traditional medication. People are opting for more natural remedies. Music therapy is an effective alternative to non-traditional medicine. The mission of Sound Mind is to provide a social, therapeutic, and informational platform for individuals with disabilities and those who look after them.

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