The SocialBet app allows friends to make custom wagers between each other on literally anything – be it a game of FIFA or who can do the most pushups in a minute – the possibilities are truly endless. Friends love competing with each other, and we hope to make it as easy as possible. There are no frustrating IOUs or unfulfilled Venmoes, because our app is the commitment device: the seamless in-app payment system releases the funds immediately after the two players vote, or, alternatively, a neutral third-party determines the winner. Fitting given our name, SocialBet also gives players the option to donate a portion or the entirety of their pot to designated charities. We believe that this functionality will draw users away from our competitors, encouraging users to give back to their communities instead of greedy bookmakers, whilst still satisfying their competitive urges. In order to create a real community within the app, there will be a social feed that users can interact with through likes and comments. Since bets can be either public or private, the outcomes of the former type will appear on the feeds of anyone that is a virtual “friend” of that bettor. There will also be a trending local bets feature to platform wagers that have received an exceptional degree of engagement.

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