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In the Architecture and Urban Planning industry, ARC GIS informs a designer about the geographic and demographic data related to a potential site. What is missing within this data base is the social anecdotal data that describes the historical or cultural significance of a place. This information is crucial when beginning a built project because it can affect design decisions that acknowledge past histories and cultures, and in effect prevent community erasure in urban environments. Typically this information is gathered by community surveying and interviews. However, this step can be tedious and time consuming for Architects or delvelopers on tight deadlines and is sometimes skipped entirely.

The data base provides a platform in which these historical spatial significances can be collected, documented, and placed into public record, as well as allowing them to be accessible and searchable by professionals within the Architectural field.  It also lends credibility to the histories of minority communities that are often transmitted vocally from generation to generation.

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