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There are two main problems facing the sober living industry.  

  1. Every sober living facility collects basic resident information. However, existing solutions stop short of analyzing this valuable data. This leaves residents with an unclear picture of their recovery process and leaves owners unaware of their performance.  
  2. A quick google search of “sober living” reveals that the industry has many unethical players. When choosing a sober living for yourself or a loved one, it is difficult to determine how effective any given sober living really is. Consequently, sober living owners struggle to gain the trust of prospective residents.  

Our solution is an intuitive sober living web app that will enable owners to monitor their residents to see how their performance compares to industry benchmarks. 

At Sobriety Hub, our ultimate vision is to align resident recovery with business success by infusing modern analytics into a notoriously data-scarce, individualized, and niche industry.  

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